Community Edition

Big Data is the challenge that organizations face in attempting to effectively use and gain insight from all of their available data.  Thomson Reuters Data Fusion is hybrid of big data and linked data technologies, which when combined with Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging and PermID solutions, allows an organization to put all their relevant structured and unstructured data in a larger context of Thomson Reuters knowledge graph.

This combination of content and technology accelerates insight by connecting the dots in a unique way unmatched by any other solution on the market. Data Fusion enables integration and linkage of data from multiple sources, including private, public and proprietary sources (e.g. Thomson Reuters), and in a variety of formats e.g. RDF and delimited (comma, tab, etc.) files.

The Data Fusion API, which we are highlighting here,  allows you to perform programmatically all typical Data Fusion tasks including ingest, search, and traversal.  The API is the primary interface for external applications to interact with the Data Fusion platform, . It also powers the Data Fusion UI, generating  new connections and unexpected associations, often pointing toward novel hypotheses, applications and innovations.  All API calls are RESTful, return standard JSON, and use OAuth 2.0 for security.

Data Fusion Community Edition (CE), having all the functionality of the Enterprise Edition,  gives technical users a chance to spin up their own instance of Data Fusion to play with, test and evaluate.  Our goal is that developers will use CE for internal hack-a-thons and proof-of-concepts,  the powerful ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality of Data Fusion giving them a head start with innovation.

For easy deploy of a Data Fusion instance, all you need is an AWS account.   Click on the Quick Start Tab to get started!