Community Edition

DataFusion is a clustered application built on top of the Apache Hadoop stack. Due to the distributed nature of the application framework, single node deployments are not supported.

The minimum supported cluster size for DataFusion is 5 nodes. These nodes can be physical machines or public cloud instances (AWS). Virtual machines and other forms of shared infrastructure are not supported for performance and compatibility reasons.

  • You can read the complete system requirements here.
  • Detailed Installation Instructions are here.
  • Once your Data Fusion instance is spun up, you can access the Data Fusion API, API documentation, and API getting started tutorials by visiting: YOUR_INSTANCE_URL/datafusion/api/
  • If you run into a problem, or have more questions, please drop us a note in our Q&A section and we'll investigate.

If you are a client or would like to use Data Fusion at an Enterprise Level, please contact