3E Data Insights API

04 - Tutorials


ODATA library provides a variety of ways for the user to filter the data. Here are some filters that you can add to your request.

Supported Commands

Description Filter Example

By any field value equal

?$filter=Field eq 'Value'

?$filter=Id eq '2'

?$filter=RowCreateDateTime eq 2020-06-09T20:00:28.467Z -- DateTime value should not be enclosed within single quotes

By any field value contains ?$filter=contains(Field, 'Value') ?$filter=contains(Task, 'Timekeeper')
Get Specific fields ?$select=Field1, Field2 ?$select=Task, Id
Get Count ?$count=true ?$count=true
Order ?$orderby=Field desc ?$orderby=Id desc
Top ?$top=2 ?$top=2
Skip ?$skip=2 ?$skip=2



Unsupported commands in DI API.

Description Filter Example
Expand Navigation Property ?$expand=NavProperty ?$expand=ActivityList_2




References: https://help.nintex.com/en-us/insight/OData/HE_CON_ODATAQueryCheatSheet.htm

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Last Updated: Aug 03,2021