Cleardocs API


Cleardocs API provides a way to integrate the third-party system with Cleardocs product. The primary goal of integration is to enable the third-party system to place the order in Cleardocs using our API. To minimize the efforts to feed the same data which are available in third-party system at the time of placing order, third-party system can send those data in API to pre-fill the part of question interface for new order which saves a lot of time of our valued customer and provide the better user experience.

The whole integration is made up of Cleardocs REST API and Cleardocs web-based application. Cleardocs REST API is used to place the new order in Cleardocs system and Cleardocs web-based application is used to modify existing data given at the time of placing new order and complete the order to generate the legal documents.

Last Updated: Feb 03,2022