ONESOURCE Data Hub APIs provide developer access to the management of common data that can be used within the ONESOURCE platform by applications and accessed by third party tools.  

Information necessary to complete business tasks in ONESOURCE is often from various business systems that can create challenges when data is very large and or contains elements that do not directly meet ONESOURCE applications' requirements.  Included in the ONESOURCE Data Hub are capabilities that allow the data to be defined as specific data types and for some of those data types there are ways to validate and classify that data to make it more useful and understood.  ONESOURCE Data Hub will enable any data to become common and accessed by multiple ONESOURCE applications and processes.  

ONESOURCE Data Hub provides a central data layer. No more entering the same data repeatedly for each application and for each department’s needs. Now your entire organization can safely store and access data needed for compliance, planning, and regulatory filings.

Last Updated: Jun 02,2022