ONESOURCE Data Intelligence


ONESOURCE Data Intelligence APIs are focused on leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other data techniques along with established information to provide predictions and other responses that can assist in making choices and decisions.

ONESOURCE holds a wealth of information that we can tap into with specific methodologies to uncover patterns that can be used to provide valuable feedback when new or additional information is being added.  This can create efficiencies while managing ONESOURCE information as well as add insights about how existing information was defined in ONESOURCE to assist with decisions. 

The first set of Data Intelligence APIs are for the Financial Hierarchy Mapping.  Submitting an Account Name from a financial systems Chart of Accounts in the APIs will return the highest matching predictions about where in the Financial Hierarchy standard that Account would expect to be mapped to.  These capabilities are constantly learning from new information and feedback about whether a prediction results was chosen, or if a more accurate option was chosen instead, to improve the prediction model going forward.

Last Updated: Sep 22,2023