Reporting-Transaction Extract


ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination helps organizations seamlessly manage all aspects of indirect tax, from research to determination to compliance. It enables organizations to:

  • accurately assess taxes, thereby eliminating errors or penalties due to over- or under-assessment of taxes
  • manage extremely complex tax regulations for global markets
  • manage compliance costs by reducing the cost and risk of inaccuracies
  • streamline data collection for tax returns by integrating with ERPs and financial applications

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination APIs are available for the following categories:

  • Indirect Tax Reporting APIs 

Transaction Extract APIs

Transaction Extract reporting APIs enable you to access transaction-level data for selected companies according to the unique needs of your organization. The ability to access data in a customized fashion may enable you to better manage risk and take advantage of business and regulatory opportunities.

Transaction Extract APIs include the following:

  • Retrieve document line level details for a selected list of companies.
  • Retrieve document metadata used for building transaction extract request.


Last Updated: Sep 22,2023