Swagger documentation


Swagger is an API lifecycle application which allows API design and documentation. 

In Collaborate 5.1 we have released the first version of our Swagger documentation for multiple endpoints. 

These are:

  • Organisation

  • Domain

  • User

  • Group

  • Site admin


We plan to add more Swagger documentation in the next release of Collaborate and this will include documentation for the Files module.  Swagger will help us maintain accurate and complete API documentation. This will also help us to provide the API documentation as soon as we add it to the system.  We plan to depreciate and replace our existing documentation with the Swagger documentation and complement it with notes to address specific API use cases. 

The Swagger documentation is disabled by default and can be enabled by raising a support request to our support team at support@highq.com

Once enabled the swagger documentation can be accessed on the following URL:


Where https://<instanceurl>/<instancename>/  is the base URI of your Collaborate instance. You will be asked to authorise your account in order to run the Swagger queries against your instance. 

Please note Swagger queries are live API calls. Any Swagger actions performed on the instance you connect to can add/update live data.

For any issues or problems with the use of our HighQ API please use the Developer Community and our Support portal to raise any technical issues you might encounter. 



Last Updated: Sep 22,2023