Activity resource

Post activity


Used to add new activity to a microblog. This method cannot be used to add content to other content types.

·      Microblog activity desc expects text input rather than HTML text.

·      Use CDATA in your activitydesc tag to avoid any issues with special characters in text.

eg - <activitydesc><![CDATA[APiMicroblog [#!@%^*()+|-=\/.,;'":{}[\]? ~`$_><&] [#)(_*&^%$@!~_+|?<":{}/.,;'[\]\=- 0987654321`]]]></activitydesc>

·      An existing HTTP image location is required for the image URL. The image is downloaded by the API and stored.  Max 5 images can be included in the post.

·      If there is a URL in the activity description it is not converted to a HTTP link.

·      Hashtags can be used with the following pattern


where hashtag should start with an opening brace "[#" and "]" as closing brace and in between the hashtag content.

·      "<" and ">" are not allowed within a hashtag text. Any tab, enter, newline, backspace characters will be removed if found in validHashText.

·      Mentions can be used by using the following pattern [~validemail]

where a mention should start with "[~" as opening brace and "]" as closing brace. The content between these braces should be a valid email address.


POST:   /api/1/activities

Request body

 <activitydesc>description 1 [] working at [#highq] organisation</activitydesc>



200 OK in case of success and an error object in case of error.

Error Response


<ref>{integer reference id, generated from the server side} </ref>

<summary>{Description for the error message}</summary>




Last Updated: Jun 10,2023