Activity resource

Post Micro-blog


Please note that this API endpoint call supersedes the Post Activity API call, as we think that we used a naming convention which does not represent the correct content type which is being generated in this case. The content type in this case is micro-blog


Add new activity to the microblog. This method only represents the capability to add new micro blog, capability to add new content items are provided under the context of individual content item. 


POST:   /api/1/microblog

Request body

 <description>description 1 [] working at [#highq] organisation</description>


200 in case of success and an error object in case of error

Error response

<ref>{integer reference id, generated on the server side} </ref>
<summary>{Description for the error message}</summary>


API Confirmations & Assumptions :

  1. Microblog description is taken as snippet(plain/text) rather then html texts.

  2. Use CDATA to post special characters in description tag.
    Ex- <description><![CDATA[APiMicroblog [#!@%^*()+|-=\/.,;'":{}[\]? ~`$_><&] [#)(_*&^%$@!~_+|?<":{}/.,;'[\]\=- 0987654321`]]]></description>

  3. Image link is the live image location link. Image will be downloaded in the temp directory and after successfull post it will removed from the temp. Max 5 images will be included in the post.

  4. Url in microblog description are not being converted into link due to a bug in the system.

  5. [#validHashText] following pattern will be considered For hashtags where "[#" as opening brace and "]" as closing brace and in between the hashtag content called validHashText.

  6.  "<" and ">" are not supported as part of #hashtags and will throw an error message. Any tab,enter,newline,backspace characters will be converted to "" if found in validHashText.

  7. [~validemail] following pattern will be considered For mentions where "[~" as opening brace and "]" as closing brace and in between the mentioned content ( called validemail ). Valid email added should be viewable to logged in user otherwise it will be treated as plain text.




Last Updated: Jun 10,2023