API development history

API changes in Collaborate 4.4


The following new API endpoints have been introduced in Collaborate 4.4


API Description

Messaging API

Use this API for the private messages feature in Collaborate

Favourites API

Use this API to mark content favourite

Comments API

Use this API to comment on content in Collaborate, this API supports all content types that deal with comments in Collaborate

Attachments API

Use this API to manage attachments for content in Collaborate

Likes API

Use these API endpoints to manage content likes

Organisation API

Admin API functions to work with user organisation

Domain API

Use these API endpoints to work with domains that a user belongs to
Organisation industry sector Use these API endpoints to manage organisation industry sectors


The task API endpoint has been updated in Collaborate 4.4. A new "startdate" field has been added to the UI and the API to support timeline view. The ability to add task reminder has also been added. Please see the updated task object for changes. This change to the task object impacts all task operations. These changes only apply to API version 4 and existing integrations using API version 3 are not affected. 

There are two items to note within the iSheet APIs: no changes were made to the API end points. However:

1) the new AI Hub integrations ("import data from external source") cannot be created or modified using the API; and

2) it is now possible to edit a linked iSheet alias name, when it is created from a linked template (this would previously result in an API permission error). Only the alias name (the title) can be changed, as all the other columns are inherited from the linked template.




Last Updated: Jun 10,2023