API development history


Below is a high-level history of HighQ Collaborate API development and release. 


  • HighQ Collaborate API was started with Collaborate version 3.5.x and was named API version 1
  • The next milestone was Collaborate 4 where multiple API's were added and updated, the API version was changed to API version 2
  • In Collaborate 4.1.4 we added multiple new API's and changes however the API version was not changed and continued to be called API version 2
  • The next API milestone was in Collaborate 4.3 where multiple new API's were added and the API version was changed to API version 3
  • The API version was again changed in Collaborate 4.4 and was called API version 4
  • The next major release of API will be in Collaborate 5.0 where we will release API version 5

For additional details of what API's were added in each release please see the child pages.


API version 2

API changes in Collaborate 4.1.4

New API's in 4.3

   New API's in 4.3 - Site API changes in Collaborate 4.3 and 4.3.4

API changes in Collaborate 4.4



Last Updated: Sep 22,2023