API development history

API version 2


Collaborate 4 comes with version 2 of the API, the decision to create version 2 of the API was based on changes made to the existing API endpoints. 

Version 1 of the API remains intact, and any existing integrations using version 1 of the API should work as it is. 

There are no major changes in the version 2 of the API, and most of the changes have been made to support some of the internal Application integrations

These changes are to the input and output parameters of the API and do not change any of the API endpoints. 

Following are the changes introduced in version 2 of the Collaborate API

  • A new user activity API, which provides activity generated by the specific user
  • We had added more events to the changes API. The changes can be obtained based on a specific "source client", in addition multiple new events have been added to the changes API, please see the documentation for the updated changes API to see what new events have been recorded in the changes API. 
  • In case of DRM enabled site in which documents are converted to PDF, Download file API now gives you the original file type if you are a site admin, instead of the PDF converted version of the file.
  • User permission details have been added to the get folder list, get file listget file Info and get folder info API
  • In order to manage server load we have now introduced API rate limiting. Users of the API have to make sure that the API calls comply to the rate limit requirements for smooth utilisation of the API endpoints. 
  • Impersonate API allows a system admin to impersonate any user of the system to make API calls on behalf of another user. 






Last Updated: Jun 09,2023