API development history

New API's in 4.3


  • iSheet Version 2
    • The iSheet API covers the iSheet admin functions to manage the structure of an iSheet
    • Capability to get, add and edit records in an iSheet 
    • Capability to generate documentation automation reports using the API
    • Ability to determine if anything has changed for an iSheet or iSheet record by using the audit API
  • Site user and group management
    • API endpoints to add new and existing system users and groups to a site
    • Ability to manage module permissions for a group or a user
    • Allocate admin group (previously called role) to a user
  • File/Folder permissions management
    • Ability to change permission for a group/user to a folder or file
  • System user and group API
  • Tasks API
    • Ability to get a list of tasks 
    • Ability to add edit delete tasks





Last Updated: Jun 11,2023