Organisation APIs

Add Organisation - Add Organisation v1


Add a new organisation to Collaborate

This API call is used to add a new organisation object to the system.


HTTP Request

POST   /api/4/organisations



XML format request




<!-- upto maximum 10 will be handled -->


JSON format request


    "name": "HighQ",
    "orgindustryid": "359",
    "internal": "1",
    "status": "Active",
    "strategic": "1",
    "externalid": "ext_123",
    "companyswitchboard": "abc",
    "onlineserviceslink": "service link",
    "activateautologin": "true",
    "guid": "23",
    "category": "145",
    "excludesynchronization": "1",
    "url": "",
    "logoid": "123",
    "logowidth": "123",
    "logoheight": "123",
    "homepage": "451",
    "disableeditprofile": "1",
    "restrictdirectlogin": "1",
    "contact": {
      "name": "Saviz Izadpanah",
      "email": "",
      "typeid": "13",
      "contacttier": "1"
    "keycontacts": {
      "keycontact": [
          "userid": "23"
          "userid": "24"

HTTP Response


HTTP response 201 with Organisation summary Object 


See  API Error messages 


XML response



JSON response

    "name": "HighQ",
    "link": "",
    "orgid": "12"


Error messages


Summary Ref Code (V4) Ref Code (before V4)

The contact tier is invalid

275 N/A

The contact type id is invalid

276 N/A

Contact email is invalid

278 N/A

The internal organisation attribute is invalid

284 N/A

The organisation status is invalid. It must either be active or pending

274 N/A

The organisation industry id is invalid

273 N/A

The disable edit profile attribute is invalid

285 N/A

The restrict direct login attribute is invalid

286 N/A

The organisation strategic attribute is invalid

287 N/A

keycontact userid attribute is required

288 N/A

The keycontact userid attribute is invalid

312 N/A

The organisation name is required

269 N/A

The Organisation name cannot be more than 128 characters

270 N/A

A contact name is required

277 N/A

An email address is required

278 N/A

Enter a valid contact primary email address

279 N/A

A company switchboard is required

280 N/A

The online service link is invalid

281 N/A

The organisation name cannot contain the following characters:  \\  / : * ? \" |

282 N/A

This Organisation name already exists in system

317 N/A

The contact person's email address domain is already being used by another organisation

315 N/A




Last Updated: Jun 09,2023