Organisation APIs

Update Organisation


Update an existing organisation in Collaborate

This API call is used to update an existing organisation in the system, by replacing the organisation with the provided organisation object.


HTTP Request

PUT  /api/4/organisations/<ID>


URL Parameters





The ID of the organisation to retrieve




XML request format




<!-- upto maximum 10 will be handled -->


JSON request format


    "name": "HighQ",
    "orgindustryid": "359",
    "internal": "1",
    "status": "Active",
    "strategic": "1",
    "externalid": "ext_123",
    "companyswitchboard": "abc",
    "onlineserviceslink": "service link",
    "activateautologin": "true",
    "guid": "23",
    "category": "145",
    "excludesynchronization": "1",
    "url": "",
    "logoid": "123",
    "logowidth": "123",
    "logoheight": "123",
    "homepage": "451",
    "disableeditprofile": "1",
    "restrictdirectlogin": "1",
    "contact": {
      "name": "Saviz Izadpanah",
      "email": "",
      "typeid": "13",
      "contacttier": "1"
    "keycontacts": {
      "keycontact": [
          "userid": "23"
          "userid": "24"

HTTP Response


HTTP response 200


See  API Error messages 


Error messages


Summary Ref Code (V4) Ref Code (before V4)

The Organisation id is invalid



This group is associated with the site(s) listed below:

283 N/A

The contact tier is invalid

275 N/A

The contact type id is invalid

276 N/A

Contact email is invalid

278 N/A

The internal organisation attribute is invalid

284 N/A

The organisation status is invalid. It must either be active or pending

274 N/A

The organisation industry id is invalid

273 N/A

The disable edit profile attribute is invalid

285 N/A

The restrict direct login attribute is invalid

286 N/A

The organisation strategic attribute is invalid

287 N/A

keycontact userid attribute is required

288 N/A

The keycontact userid attribute is invalid

312 N/A

The organisation name is required

269 N/A

The Organisation name cannot be more than 128 characters

270 N/A

A contact name is required

277 N/A

An email address is required

278 N/A

Enter a valid contact primary email address

279 N/A

A company switchboard is required

280 N/A

The online service link is invalid

281 N/A

The organisation name cannot contain the following characters:  \\  / : * ? \" |

282 N/A

This Organisation name already exists in system.

317 N/A

The contact person's email address domain is already being used by another organisation

315 N/A





Last Updated: Jun 09,2023