Sample App


A sample application is available to help you get started with the 3E API. It can be used for 3E data generation or as a source reference for any third-party client library intended to utilize 3E Public API capabilities:




To start, configure the default 3E instance to which the SampleApp is connected by editing the SampleApp.exe.config file in the folder with application. It contains the following options:

  • api:url - web path to the target API instance (should end with /web, ex. http://ed2k12r2fqm-08.elitecorp.com/TE_3E_FQH5D1/web)
  • auth:mode - Windows or CIAM depending on target environmant configuration
  • ciam.* - extra configuration parameters in case of CIAM authentication

Alternatively, you can specify a target environemnt within the start-up parameters. When this is done, any extra configuration (e.g., environment auth mode) will be read automatically from the corresponding  /info endpoint. Note, when the CIAM config file 'ciam:clienid' option will be used, it still has to be allowed for target tenant:

SampleApp.exe https://les-h3e-devl-s2swy6xmy0civ6yrixcxxa.azurewebsites.net/web


Once the application is run, you can generate one or multiple records for a selected type (e.g., Matter) based on the provided template. Technically, the template represents the target data object that will be sent to an API endpoint so any level of customization is allowed (e.g., childs and attributes information). By default, every object's property has a 'value'  attribute attached and must be populated, when not set by default, but it's also possible to replace it with an 'aliasValue' when only the attribute alias value is known.




Each template contains a few tokens which will be replaced with concrete values when new objects are generated: 

  • %suffix% - when mupltiple records are generated replaced with current record index (ex. 0001, 0002, 0003)
  • %date% - represents time(or cost) card work date


The Lookup command allows to use any existing record as a template, instead of a default. Once record is loaded, any number of changes are allowed before submit.


Last Updated: Mar 30,2023