04 - Recommendations and Data Limits


OData and REST APIs are intended for lower volume integrations. Lower volumes are roughly defined as requests not exceeding 500K per 30 seconds. 

When using 3E APIs to build integrations, please keep in mind that data egress is limited to ensure 3E Cloud maintains availability and resiliency. Data egress and request limits are shown below:

  • Limit 60 calls per minute for OData
  • Limit 5k per page/call for OData
  • Limit 30 calls per minute for REST

Note: 3E Cloud now offers 3E Change Stream, an integration pattern that supports the need to extract volumes of detailed 3E financial data from the cloud. 3E integrators can now provide a webhook to subscribe to 3E data changes. Please visit the Elite Knowledge Base and see article TR-20980 for more information.

Last Updated: Sep 12,2023