03 - OData API Object Resources


3E is expanding its integration capabilities by making available a 3E OData API. The 3E OData API provides access to 3E Application Objects and 3E Archetypes (read only), allowing more flexibility and power. Integrators now have the option of REST or OData endpoints when building integrations with 3E.

Like the 3E REST APIs, the 3E OData API is available to all 3E customers. 3E customers running 3E on premises can install the OData package (package version 1.2+) using the Instance Admin 3.0.2+.

Note: 3E OData version package 1.1 was an alpha version and should be upgraded to package version 1.2.

3E Cloud customers should contact Thomson Reuters support, as you would to access 3E REST APIs. See the 3E API Guide under Where to Get Started and How to Access 3E APIs for more information. For the initial 3E OData release, you will need to work with Thomson Reuters support teams to specify the scope of data access via the 3E OData API, but coming shortly to 3E Cloud PREVIEW, customers will be able administer the scope of access.

When you have obtained access to the 3E APIs, see the 3E OData API Reference documentation for examples of API requests and responses. This is a great way to get started on your integration/APIs access journey.

Public Objects Available via 3E OData API
In addition to the list of public 3E REST APIs, the 3E OData API expands access to over 3,500 3E objects (application objects and archetypes).

Note: In our upcoming July update to 3E Cloud Preview, we have revised the 3E OData available objects list. The key change is access to objects will now default to Read Only, not Read/Write. Commonly used objects will continue to be set with Read/Write access, including objects such as Client, Matter, Timekeeper, Activity, Address, Charge Card, Cost Card, GL objects, Office, and Payee. The change is driven by feedback on unexpected behavior when OData is exercised against more complex objects. We will continue to expand Read/Write access in future releases and welcome your input for Read/Write access to objects currently set to Read Only. Please contact Support in these cases.

The public objects represent the breadth of 3E customer data including:

  • Master file data such as Clients, Matters, and GL Account
  • Transactional data such as Timecard, Voucher, and Cost
  • Configuration data such as PTAGroup and Office

The list of public 3E objects available via the 3E OData API can be found here: 3E OData Public Objects

Last Updated: Jun 26,2023